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Workshops are a great way to learn new skills and grow your personal practice on and off the mat. All of our workshops are carefully selected and designed to meet the standards of Red Diamond Yoga and taught by people who are experts in their field. You will have fun while engaging with like hearted people in a safe and comfortable environment. Check on this page often, we are always working on new and exciting things!

If you have a yoga or wellness related workshop that you would like to offer the RDY community please complete a proposal and we will review it and discuss it with you!

July Workshops

Laura King Backbend Workshop

Backbend Workshop

With Laura King

When: July 2nd, 1:30-3 pm at La Cienega Plaza studio

Cost: $50

Are you curious about strengthening your back safely while fostering spinal flexibility? Join Laura King for an intensive back bending workshop! Back bending postures are practiced in every single class. They boost energy levels and nerve signaling, as well as stimulate the yogic subtle body. 

The spine is a major hub of vertebrae surrounding the spinal cord which carries electrical nerve signals throughout your body. These nerve signals allow you to feel sensations and move your body. Although spine health is incredibly important, back injuries and soreness are some of the top reported ailments.

In this workshop Laura will teach tricks and tips for healing back injuries, need to know basic anatomy to keep the spine protected, drills for safely strengthening the spine, and how to mindfully deepen spine flexibility. 

This workshop is open to ALL levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners. There is always something new to discover within yourself.