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Workshops are a great way to learn new skills and grow your personal practice on and off the mat. All of our workshops are carefully selected and designed to meet the standards of Red Diamond Yoga and taught by people who are experts in their field. You will have fun while engaging with like hearted people in a safe and comfortable environment. Check on this page often, we are always working on new and exciting things!

If you have a yoga or wellness related workshop that you would like to offer the RDY community please complete a proposal and we will review it and discuss it with you!


Ashwin Kumar

Practicing Ayurveda: The Science of Living Well

With Ashwin Kumar

The Vedic sciences encompass universal laws and principles of wholesome living that work together to heal the body, mind and soul. When we consider the Vedas, the Ayurvedic diet is most familiar to modern yogis as a tool for achieving health and wellness in our bodies. But the power of the Vedic lifestyle extends far beyond food, to provide a path for finding balance, joy, and prosperity in every aspect of our physical, mental, and spiritual lives.

Join Dr Ashwin Kumar on this journey into self discovery as you learn the history and techniques for understanding your body, mind, and soul, and how to take care of your whole being. Topics will include Vastu, the flow of energy and use of space, the use of Tantra and Yoga to provide balance in your daily routine, understanding the mythology and application of Jyotish (Vedic astrology), understanding your unique mind/body constitution, and much more. You will come away from this series with practical tools and a personal care plan for bringing together the Vedic principals to create your unique daily routine for wellness, happiness, and prosperity.

When: Sundays February 11th-25 12pm-4pm

Where: RDY La Cienega Plaza

Cost: $350.00

YACEP: 15 Hours

Finding Your Balance in the Yamas and Niyamas

with Kevin Montgomery

Have you ever had those moments where something just doesn’t feel right? Those times when you just feel a little bit off or out of sorts; maybe a little overwhelmed? It’s very difficult to be fully present in this moment when we feel these internal or even external distractions. 

We often reach a point where our actions, relationships, and thoughts are not in line with our truth and beliefs. Not only that but we notice the imbalance keeping us in a constant state of underlying stress. 

On the other hand, aligning our thoughts and actions with our own sense of Truth, will help guide us to a more peaceful and joy filled life. A lifestyle that allows us to be fully present in every moment.

By doing the work in the Yamas and Niyamas, we find alignment and balance in our lives off the mat just as we do in our bodies on the mat.

So in this course we will focus on the Yimas and Niyamas in a practical way. As we read, journal, and share each week, we practice new skills. In fact one of the most powerful take aways just might be the process of mindfully examining each aspect of our lives.

So join us for a life changing journey toward self discovery and balance!

When: February 8th-April 19th 6:30pm

Where: Zoom

Cost: $250

YACEP: 30 Hours

Get Upside Down with Stacey!

With Stacey Bosworth

This 2 hour handstand workshop is for yogis of all levels. We’ll focus on proper alignment, progression drills to help , practice at the wall or center of the room and learn to properly and safely move out of a handstand in the center of the room.

We will break down the action of the arms, shoulders, hands , and core and learn how to safely assist each other.

Great for those wanting to learn how to work towards achieving their handstand or those practitioners who would like to improve their endurance and possibly learn some new ways to prep for the beloved inversion.

When: Saturday February 25th 1:30-3:30pm

Where: RDY Palms

Cost: $50.00