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Are you ready to adventure out and lose yourself in some of the most amazing places on the planet? Then journey with us and experience unforgettable destinations across America and all around the world. Red Diamond Yoga adventures are designed to inspire and leave you feeling grounded and ready for anything. From local hiking trips to international bucket list adventures we have worked to create experiences that are uniquely Red Diamond. And you dont have to be a part of our community to join us! Check out the links below and be sure to come back often, we are always adding new things.

The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.

John Muir

Hiking California

Half Day LA Hikes

Studies show that spending at least 2 hours a week outside, in nature, has significant mental and physical health benefits!  These shorter half day hikes, around 4-9 miles in length, are a nice compliment to your yoga and wellness journey and offer a chance to explore new places with fun, like minded people.  

Whether you are an experienced hiker looking for a short adventure nearby, or if you have always wanted to hit the trails but don’t know where to start, these experiences are perfect for any level and close to LA.  

Seven Summits of SoCal Challenge

We have selected 7 peaks surrounding Los Angeles that offer a challenging wilderness experience.   These represent the highest peaks in 5 different counties and 4 ranges, plus two amazing second place peaks to round out the seven.  

Difficulty levels range from Moderate to Hard but all of them reward us with amazing views and a deep connection to nature and each other.  You don’t need to be an experienced outdoors person to enjoy these trails, but you do need to be reasonably fit. The hikes have been arranged in order of difficulty so that your hiking fitness improves as you move toward the more challenging and remote routes.  

American Yoga Adventures

Sequoia and Kings Canyon Yoga Adventure July 8th 2024

Experience the serenity of ancient forest on this amazing adventure to Sequoia and Kings Canyon national park. Join Kevin and Kay for a 6 day journey as we explore the mountains, meadows, and deep canyons of the Sierra Mountains. You will marvel at waterfalls, explore beautiful caves and epic sunsets across green valleys and mountain lakes.

We will be staying at a retreat center near the entrance to Kings Canyon and Chef Petra will be joining us to prepare mouthwatering meals that make your tastebuds come alive! The quiet setting is perfect for yoga, meditation, and forest bathing. Check our our Adventures website for complete details!

Southern Utah Yoga Adventure October 26th-November 3rd 2024

Experience the iconic landscapes of Southern Utah on this 9-day yoga adventure to Bryce Canyon, Kanab, and Zion. Join Jenya and Kevin as we navigate through deep and narrow slot canyons, watch the sun rise over hoodoos, windows, arches and caves, and enjoy the breathtaking views from Angels Landing. On this adventure your days will be filled with bucket list experiences, with evenings spent relaxing and enjoying the small towns of Southern Utah.

You will feel a million miles away from the last minute craziness of the election as you trade in wifi, cellular service, and 24 hour news, for quiet breezes whispering through pine trees, water carving its way through narrow canyons, and the peaceful silence of desert landscapes. Let your body and mind slow down to the pace of nature as you journey through unforgettable places with a small group of fun and like minded people!

Sunset at Thors Hammer in Bryce Canyon
Narrows of Zion

Trip At A Glance

Location: Southern Utah-Bryce Canyon, Kanab UT, and Zion NP

Arriving Airport: Las Vegas

Dates: October 26th-November 3rd, 2024 (9 Days/8 nights)

Type: Premium Adventure

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Fitness Level: Moderate 

Activities: Yoga, Meditation, Hiking (wet and dry), Canyoneering, Rappelling, Via Ferrata

Group Size: 10-12

Death Valley Yoga Adventure March 24th 2025

Death Valley Sunrise Meditation

Come and explore the quiet beauty and backcountry solitude of one of America’s most spectacular National Parks. Join Catie and Kevin on this epic adventure to the heart of Death Valley at the height of spring bloom! You’ll enjoy amazing sunrises, daily outdoor yoga and meditation practices, hikes through colorful canyons and narrows, and some of the most spectacular sunsets on the planet. You’ll have plenty of downtime to enjoy the peaceful desert oasis and return feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

On this active adventure you are going to experience some of the most exciting places in Death Valley on foot, horseback, and jeeps. You don’t have to be an avid yogi, hiker or even know how to ride a horse, because this itinerary has been curated to a maximum difficulty level of moderate and with experienced people who can teach you to safely participate in each activity.

Hiking Mosaic Canyon in Death Valley
Group at Badwater Basin in Death Valley

Death Valley Trip At-A-Glance

Location: Death Valley, California

Dates: March 24th-29th, 2025

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Activities: Hiking, Horseback Riding, OHV, Yoga, Meditation

Group Size: 10-12

International Yoga Adventures

French Riviera Freestyle Retreat May25th-June 1st 2024

Are you ready to escape from it all to relax and indulge your senses?

Lavender Fields in France

Of course you are!

Then this 8 day freestyle retreat in the French Riviera is perfect for you! Your senses will come alive as you stroll through lavender fields and wander long the quaint streets of Cannes and Nice filled with shops and cafes.

Greet each day with a grounding yoga practice and delicious breakfast at our beautiful villa in the hills above Cannes. Each day will bring a new place to explore from in Cannes, Nice, Monaco and Grasse. From islands to alps, world class shopping to peaceful ancient gardens, you will fall in love with this region on your time.

Cool alley in Grasse
Lights of the Monte Carlo Casino

Your tastebuds will come alive as you enjoy all the fresh seafood, craft cheese, fresh bread and pastries this area is known for. And each evening you’ll enjoy beautiful Riviera sunsets and long walks along the beach or among the lights and glamor of Monte Carlo.

You’ll return feeling relaxes, refreshed and ready to take on the world with new friends and new perspective!

Paris Writer’s Retreat 2nd-June 9th 2024

Are you an active yogi yearning to find creative inspiration in one of the artistic capitals of the world?

Woman at Eiffel Tower in Paris France

That sounds so perfect!

Then this 8-day Paris writing retreat is perfect for you! Your senses will come alive as you wander through the streets and cafés of the famed Latin Quarter. 

Join us as we explore mindful writing techniques drawing on the yogic practice of being fully present in the moment as an observer, without judgement, to fuel our creative process. We’ll explore the art, and architecture of Paris, Versailles, and Montmartre all while enjoying the wonderful French cuisine, parks, and lovely cafes. 

Woman eating French Onion Soup in Paris
Montmartre Paris France

Your senses will come alive as you wander through the streets and cafés of the famed Latin Quarter. You feel the haunting creative energy of poets, painters, and musicians who found inspiration along the banks of the Seine for millennia.

You will leave this experience feeling grounded, refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on anything that comes your way with a deep sense of calmness and a heart full of joy.  

Machu Picchu Epic Adventure July 24th-August 2nd 2025

Are you longing to experience the thrill of a once in a lifetime adventure?

Group at the Sun Gate in Machu Picchu

Of course you are!

Join us on an epic 10-day adventure to Machu Picchu and beyond where you’ll hike the Inca trail, practice yoga in ancient Inca sites with breathtaking views of the sacred valley, and revel in the music, dance, and culture of the Quechuan people.  

You’ll love the stunning yoga center nestled deep in the sacred valley with a jaw dropping yoga room that’s perfect for our daily yoga, meditation, and sound bath practices.  

You’ll relax in the evenings with music, stargazing, and of course plenty of time for the spas, saunas, and salt cave.  

Enjoy the colorful flavors of Peru, all freshly prepared from local ingredients to provide the perfectly delicious reset to your body.

Galapagos Island Cruise Adventure! Summer of 2025

Exploring the Amazon Jungle of Ecuador! Summer of 2025

Exploring Morocco May 2025

Details coming Soon!

Ultimate Patagonia Adventure Fall of 2025

Details coming soon!

Argentina: Journey to the End of the World late Spring 2026

Details coming soon!

Misty Mountain Gorillas of Uganda Adventure Fall of 2026!

Details coming soon!