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Gratitude is Giving Back

One of the foundations of the yoga lifestyle is giving back. It’s a big part of practicing the first two limbs of yoga and has a positive impact on our mental and spiritual wellness.

The RDY Karma Team is a place where you can plug in to projects that support our planet and our communities. Launching in 2023, this program is open to anyone with a heart for service and a desire to show gratitude to the world by giving time to make it a better place.

All of the activities are family friendly so you can invite your friends, family and neighbors to be a part of the Karma Team whether they practice at RDY or not! If you are interested in participating please sign up below to get updates on activities as they are added or to volunteer to be a part of the activity selection committee.

If you know of a project that might be a good Karma Team activity, please add that to the comments section below or have the organization reach out to us directly!