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Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 9AM - 1PM & 4PM - 8pm

Our yoga classes are sequenced with clear instruction and safety. Each class is designed to leave you feeling open, balanced, connected, and calm.
We play good music to inspire movement and flow!

RDY’s Vinyasa Flow Classes

Yoga Basics

If you are new to yoga or looking to slow down and focus on strength and alignment our basics class offers the perfect balance for you!

Classes are designed to give you the time and support to work on the proper alignment of fundamantal yoga poses specific to your body.

You will build strength, flexibility and body awareness you explore the physical poses and link your breath to movement.

Yoga Basics teachers are experts at helping you master form, breath, and balance providing a strong foundation to advance your practice.

Intermediate Flow

Expanding on the foundation of Yoga Basics these classes build heat and explore exciting sequence variations.

You’ll deepen your understanding of alignment, and challenge your strength, flexibility, and balance while learning more advanced variations of postures.

Intermediate classes focus on smooth transitions in and of postures to create a deeper mind-body awareness and connection. You will develop a focus on breath that will lead your practice to a deeply calm mental state we refer to as a moving meditation.

We suggest taking at least a few basics classes prior to participating in this class, so you have established a foundation.

Strong Flow 

If you’re a strong intermediate or advanced yogi craving a challenging sequence, Strong Flow will get you moving!

This class is designed to build heat, energize and strengthen the body.

Sequences include balancing postures, arm balances, back bends, inversions, and breath work to round out this deeply invigorating practice.

If you are ready to learn and practice more advanced postures then this class is for you! Yoga experience is required.

All Levels Flow 

This mixed levels Vinyasa class will offer something for everyone. Postures are taught to a basics-intermediate level with additional cues for more advanced yogis to enter the higher expression of the sequence.

You will enjoy building strength, flexibility, and balance in these invigorating classes regardless of your level or experience.

You are encouraged to walk the line between effort and ease, it’s not a one-size-fits-all practice, feel free to modify!

RDY’s Strength Intensive Classes

Power Yoga

This a power yoga style flow designed to build heat, energize and detoxify the body. Poses are instructed with precise alignment and modifications are offered to help students practice within their ability level. Expect core work, twists, balancing postures and breathwork to round out this invigorating practice. Some yoga experience recommended.

Yoga Sculpt

Boost your metabolism and push your strength and flexibility to new heights with this high energy class designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group.

Using free weights throughout a Vinyasa yoga sequence, creates resistance and intensifies the results achieved with each pose. Strength-training exercises such as squats, lunges, bicep and tricep curls are incorporated to build lean muscle mass. You will see visible results quickly from this total body workout..

This is an intermediate level class and yoga experience is highly recommended.


Focusing on core strength, this class combines the benefits of mat Pilates with a strength building flow practice.  You’ll work your entire body with an intense focus on toning and strengthening your core and hips.  

RDY’s Deeply Restorative Practices

Looking for classes that are deeply restorative? You’ll develop flexibility and increase your range of motion in ways you didn’t think possible.

Yin Yoga works deep into the joints, tendons and ligaments using long holds to allow muscles to relax and joints to open up.

Dynamic Deep Stretch will provide some of the benefits of Yin with shorter holds and adds more movement to target muscles more that joints.

These classes work together to create the perfect complement to bring ease of movement back into your body. It’s the perfect complement to any vigorous activity like yang yoga, running, hiking surfing or bike riding.

RDY Signature Meditation Practices

In addition to your movement practice, these classes are designed specifically to calm your mind, and relax your body.  You’ll feel a renewed sense of focus, and mental clarity throughout your life and relationships.  

With each session you continue to release negative energy and create feelings joy and wellbeing   You’ll feel grounded and energetic as you build mental strength and balance for life on and off the mat.   


In this breath and meditation practice you will work toward a state of calm and focused relaxation where you will clear mental blocks in your life and find a sense of peace, power, and clarity.  

Using a three-part breathing technique you’ll travel on a journey through emotion and self-awareness to find healing and return feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.  

A sense of deep satisfaction builds as you continue this powerful practice and learn to use breath to manipulate and control your nervous system on and off the mat.

Acupuncture & Guided Meditation

Ear acupuncture is a powerful tool used in treating stress and anxiety.  Lying comfortably on your mat with blankets and bolsters, you’ll receive acupuncture needles in both ears activating specific meridian lines.  Immediately you begin to feel more relaxed throughout your body.  

You begin to practice a slow breathing technique your mind begins to calm down and you feel focused on the present.  The breath begins to relax your body and lower your blood pressure.  

As you begin the guided meditation you are led through a series of techniques designed to completely relax your body melting deeper into a meditative state.  

Silent Ear

This is your journey for letting go of sadness, fear, and anger to create space for joy.  In the group setting you will experience the nonverbal presence and common purpose of others seeking to destress and recharge.  

You may choose to meditate in a seated or reclined position and will receive the acupuncture needles in both ears activating specific meridian lines to relax the body and mind.  

You are in control of this journey and can tailor it to suit your needs.   You can use the practice to work on stress or pain management or to strengthen your mental and emotional health.  You’re sure to find the path that meets your needs in a relaxed and group quiet setting.

Sound Bath Meditation

Gongs, crystal singing bowls, ocean drums and many other musical instruments come together to create a meditative experience unlike any other to relax your body and calm your mind.  

Sound waves vibrate through every cell of your body as you enter a state of deep relaxation losing track of time and letting go of stress, worry and anxiety.  

You’ll come out from this amazing practice with a sense of inspiration, clarity, and mental wellbeing.  

BKS Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar Level 1 class

Introduction to Iyengar Yoga

This is a 4-week introduction to Iyengar Yoga designed to provide a general understanding of common yoga poses (asanas) and their most important actions. You will learn how to use props and modify the poses to enhance your experience and enjoyment. In each class you will gain and develop your practice safely and progressively, gaining strength and flexibility, awareness and confidence. Following this course, you will be able to join any Level 1-2 Iyengar Yoga class with self-assurance. It is an excellent opportunity to start learning Iyengar Yoga or return to your practice after a long absence.

Iyengar – Level 1-2

This class is designed to build a stronger foundation for the Iyengar Yoga practice. At this level, we work to build strength and stability in the classical standing, seated, and relaxation poses (asanas) as we introduce inversions and backbends. Students with previous injuries or limitations receive support and guidance to develop a strong, steady, and intelligent yoga practice. We recommend that you take ‘Introduction to Iyengar’ before taking this class.

Iyengar Leve 1-2
Iyengar Rope Wall Class