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Are you a yoga teacher wanting to add other healing modalities to your class offerings? Then this intensive is right for you.

Join Robert Bahedry for an amazing 4-day journey into the world of breath and the power of release from this intense three part somatic breathing technique. You will learn to create a safe space for your students, hone your intuition and be prepared to guide people on a healing journey riding the breath.

During this intensive you will learn to prepare a space for the practice in a mindful and thoughtful way, plan music that will enhance the breath experience with rhythm and intensity, and prepare your students for the experience. You will learn the science behind this type of breathing practice and how it is similar and different from other breath techniques. You will learn to identify students who are struggling, understand common contraindications and maintain a safe environment for your students.

You will hone your intuition and develop a deeper understanding of what your students may experience and where they might find an intense release, In this program Robert will use his years of education and experience to provide a firm foundation to help develop the healing skills you already possess and to understand the process that is occurring for your students. You do the practice daily and experience it inside your own body and mind.

Upon completion of this training you will be ready for the practicum. As in all of our Yoga School programs you will have an opportunity to put your new skills to work in the classroom through a breath work community class rotation under the supervision of your mentor. Taking what you have learned and combining it with your classroom management skills will give you the confidence to lead this healing practice on your own in a short period of time for private lessons or public practice.

Big Sur Breathwork Intensive

June 9th-June 12th 2023

Big Sur, California

The details for our Big Sur intensive will be coming out soon with the pricing. If you are interested, please complete the form and we will keep you in the loop!